Job Summary
Job Post Type Central Office
Division Finance and Management Division
Item Number(s) PIAB-CADOF-55-2005
Salary Grade 24
Position(s) Open 1
Deadline February 17, 2019
  1. Plans and directs all financial and management functions of the Agency along budgeting, accounting and collections and disbursement of funds to provide the agency with economical and efficient service;
  2. Assists the Agency Head in the determination, formulation and implementation of financial management policies;
  3. Develops measures to ensure efficient and economical use of financial resources;
  4. Provides overall supervision and direction to the staff of the division;
  5. Monitors, measures and evaluates the performance of the division and the staff;
  6. Monitors the Agency's financial position and cash flow to serve as the basis of management in the allocation of funds for priority projects;
  7. Enforces approved plans and policies relative to finance through appropriate level of management; and
  8. Performs other related tasks as may be assigned by the Agency Head.
Office Assigned
  • Central Office (Quezon City) - 1 position open

Master's degree  or Certificate in Leadership and Management from CSC


4 years of supervisory/ management experience


40 hours of supervisory/ management learning and development intervention undertaken within the last 5 years


CS Professional/ Second Level Eligibility


Building Collaborative and Inclusive Working Relationships; Managing Performance and Coaching for Results; Leading Change; Thinking Strategically and Creatively; Creating and Nurturing a High Performing Organization

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