Job Summary
Job Post Type Central Office
Division Administrative Division
Item Number(s) PIAB-ADOF5-1-2018
Salary Grade 18
Position(s) Open 1
Deadline January 31, 2019
  1. Assists the Admin Chief in the day to day supervision of the Procurement Section;
  2. Consolidates and implements procurement activities of the Agency;
  3. Coordinates and monitor all procurement activities of the Agency;
  4. Manages and monitor all phases of the procurement process;
  5. Monitors compliance with the terms and conditions of the procurement contract;
  6. Initiates review and assessment of performance and recommend sanctions to the head of the procuring entity, against erring suppliers, contractors and consultants, including the forfeiture of performance security and blacklisting.
  7. Heads the BAC secretariat in support of the Bids and Awards Committee; and
  8. Performs other related tasks as may be assigned from time to time.
Office Assigned
  • Central Office (Quezon City) - 1 position open

Bachelor's degree relevant to the job


2 years of relevant experience


8 hours of relevant training


CS Professional/ Second Level Eligibility

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